November 25, 2015


Last Saturday, instead of taking the bus home from the Upper West Side, I walked through the park. A lot of the trees still have color and leaves, which was super surprising, but really fun to look at. Right as I was about to leave, I passed this spot of grass that was completely covered in leaves. Sometimes living in the city feels so different from living at home, but these kinds of things make it feel more familiar.


First Something Corporate and then Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew McMahon is now the front man of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Something Corporate was my first “real” concert (I was 14 and chaperoned), and seeing him live again was nostalgic and still so much fun. Whether or not you know his music, I  recommend his documentary,”Dear Jack.” The film documents Andrew’s battle with Leukemia and the role his music played in that. It’s now available on Netflix and is both heartbreaking and really inspiring. A few years ago, Andrew started the Dear Jack Foundation, which raises funds for all types of organizations that help young adults battling the disease. He is a  remarkable human and all of his projects are worth checking out.


When searching for a treat-related gift a few weeks back, I discovered Sugarfina. This place is so much fun! They just recently opened their first New York location in Columbus Circle, but everything is available online as well. The store design is so smart and cheerful. Each kind has its own designated space on a bright white shelf that makes the colorful candy pop. So far I’ve had the The Bubbly Bears and the Single Malt Scotch Cordials, which are both unexpected and awesome flavors. Their branding is spot on.


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